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Auto Skills Center

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Camp Zama Automotive Skills Center is your one stop shop for Car Enthusiasts or if you would like to learn how to work on your vehicle. We have a wide variety of equipment for your use and also offer a wide range of services. Click PDF BROCHURE for more detail.

Machine Car Wash / Wash & Wax Detail Service

Our Wash-N-Wax service consists of a basic wash & wax of the outside only, with tire waxing included. There is a additional cost for cleaning the interior.

Wash & Wax Detail Service Price List

Used Vehicle Inspection


Used Vehicle Inspection $20

The Camp Zama Auto Skills Center offers a 20-point plus “Used Vehicle Inspection” for only $20. Whether you’re planning to buy or sell, Get the pros to inspect your vehicle for your peace of mind,

NOTE: This inspection does not replace the mandatory JCI inspection. This inspection should only be used as a reference prior to sale or purchase of a vehicle. Service is conducted by appointment only. Give us a call at DSN: 263-3615 or 046-407-3615 during normal business hours.

Polishing Service

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Polishing Service (Wash, Wax & Polish) $250

Would you like to get rid of swirls in the paint of your car? How about small minor scratches?

 *Our process is a proper 5 steps and includes one coat of wax.
 *Does not include tire & rim washing, and polishing.

Towing Service & Roadside Assistance

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Location Price
Within Camp Zama $25
Off Post Free  Starts $40~

*Only available during business hours

Self Service

We are equipped with the tools and equipment to perform most types of do it yourself (DIY) automotive repair on privately owned vehicles.

DA 3031-1 Qualifications Card for use of the Auto Skills Center is issued after a safety orientation given every day, 15 minutes after opening and whenever time is available. This briefing is required before facility use


Vehicle owners MUST be present when their vehicle is in the facility.
LAW AR 215-1 8-5, (6) a

Work for hire is NOT Authorized.
LAW AR 215-1, 8-5, (14) a

Children under the Age of 14 are not o allowed in the work bays.

Entire work area to include bay, bench and tools will be cleaned prior to turn in and fee calculations. *Clean up begins 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Dress Code For Your Safety!
• NO Tanktops
• NO Cutoff shirts
• NO Shorts
• NO Open toed shoes
• NO Slippers

*We do offer coveralls for usage, but nothing for your feet.

Self Service Price List

Junking Vehicle Service

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Our process consists of picking up the vehicle if it cannot be driven, bringing the vehicle to the junk yard, returning the license plates, base decal and any funds from the junk yard.  Unfortunately, we cannot go to the LTO for you, sorry.

Automotive Maintenance Classes


Just give us a call to set up an appointment and it’s only $15 per class!
Classes to choose from are:

• Engine Oil Change

• Coolant / Antifreeze Change

• Brake Pad Replacement

• Shoe / Lining Replacement

• Belt Replacement

NOTE:  One class per appointment, parts & supplies not included.  Parts & supplies may be purchased through the Auto Skills Center.  Customer provided parts & supplies may be used, but please refrain from ordering parts outside of Japan due to compatibility.

*Other subject matter items may be taught but on a case by case basis.  Give us a call on what we may or may not be able to teach you.

Customer Loyalty Stamp Cards

5 stamps you get one hour free flat bay

10 stamps you get half hour free lift bay,

15 stamps you get one hour free lift bay.

*Note:  One daily shop usage = one stamp