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Camp Zama Bowling Center

Zama Bowl is an 18 lane house with a Snack Bar, a full line of Pro Shop merchandise, a certified Ball Driller, locker rentals and a game room equipped with 15 challenging slot machines. We are located right in the heart of Camp Zama, Bldg. 389. We provide fun, great food, friendly customer service and a chance to socialize with friends and neighbors.

Bowling Center Snack Bar

Come in and try out our delicious Pizza, Ranch Chicken / Veggie Flat Bread, our signature burger Zama 300, Funnel Cake, and many other choices on our menu to satisfy your taste buds! 

We pledge to provide you the best service that you expect and deserve at the Zama Bowling Center and Snack Bar.

Give us a call at 263-4760 / 046-407-4760!


Snack Bar Menu

House Rules
  • Dress Code. Bowlers must wear bowling shoes. No street shoes will be permitted on the approach. Cutoffs, swimwear, running shorts, shirts with offensive statements and any other derogative clothing are not allowed.

  • Age Requirements. Children under the age of 10 will not be allowed to bowl unless accompanied by a parent or adult sponsor. Children 10 and older and unaccompanied by the sponsor must be able to demonstrate respect for the equipment and other bowlers.

  • Outside Food and Beverages. Food from outside the MWR chain is not allowed for consumption in the Zama Bowl. Under no circumstances will outside alcohol be allowed onto the property.

  • Respect the Equipment and Other Bowlers. Deliver the ball smoothly, please do not loft the ball. Be aware of bowlers to the left and right of you. Please observe bowling etiquette. Please don't cross the foul line. Refrain from using profanity.


Open Bowling from opening to closing on available lanes.

Lunch Time Bowling Purchase a $6.50 value lunch and bowl up to 2 games
free from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m..  *Tuesday thru Friday only!

League Bowling
  • Night Mixed League - For more information please contact bowling center front desk at 263-4780 or 046-407-4780.

Pro Shop

We sell all Bowling Accessories: Balls, Bags, Gloves, Shirts, Towels, Tapes, etc.

50% off all Pro Shop items!

Some of our Pricing Includes:

  • Drilling - $10 per hole
  • Plugging - $15 for fingers, $15 for thumb hole, and $30 for a full plug
  • Thumb Slugs - $10
  • Finger Grips - $4 each
  • Polishing & Reconditioning - $10

* Ball Driller on Sight

Slot Machines

Slot Machines

* We have 15 challenging Slot Machines. Our highest win was $6,000. Come in and Try Your Luck.