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(CZCC) Catering Service


The Camp Zama Community Club caters to parties ranging from 10 to 300 guests, offering a wide variety of menu items and special setups. Stop by and have us arrange your hail and farewell, reception, dining out, birthday party or any other special event. Come in and see us to help plan your special event. Some of our recognizable highlights are the USARJ Army and Holiday Balls, Change of Command Receptions, Commanding Generals Cherry Blossom and Bon Odori receptions as well as numerous private and unit parties.

The Ballroom, Garden Room, Eda’s Room and Firelight Lounge are available to host your event. We have a wide selection of table arrangements to suit your event requirements.

PDF FILE: Catering Service Brochure




Your initial arrangements for your function may be made by telephone or in person with the caterer. At the time of the initial booking you must provide your full name, organization, home and office phone numbers, date of proposed function, approximate number who will be in attendance and the time when cocktails and dinner are to be served. Functions initially booked by telephone or in person are considered tentative for 14 days only. The host or project officer must come to the Camp Zama Community Club (CZCC) and sign the contract prior to 14 days to guarantee the booking.


The sponsor must contact the caterer no later than 72 business hours prior to their function and provide a guaranteed number of guests who will attend. Meals are prepared according to the number of guaranteed guests. In some cases a variance of 5% is permitted and the sponsor must agree to pay for all guests who attend. Should the number of guests in attendance exceed the 5% variance, the CZCC reserves the right to substitute menu items for the number of increases. This variance is authorized at the discretion of management based on the number of guests, type of meal, etc. In the event the sponsor fails to provide a guaranteed number, the CZCC will prepare for and bill the host/hostess based on the last estimate of guests provided to the caterer.


You may request the room you would like for your function; however the caterer will determine all room requirements for each function.


The CZCC will do everything possible to have the room set up the way you would like, however, please keep in mind the club has certain restrictions due to service requirements that may prohibit the exact configuration that you request. We will do our best to meet your setup requirements.


Decorations will be the sole responsibility of the party sponsor. Decorations cannot be attached to the walls, doors, ceilings, chairs or tables without the approval of the club manager. The method of application must be of the type that will not damage the surface it is adhered to. CZCC owned decorations or fixtures cannot be removed from any part of the CZCC. Decorations must be removed immediately after your function. The throwing of rice, confetti, or birdseed inside or outside the CZCC is prohibited.


Color choices for linens depend upon availability from suppliers.


Podiums, Cordless Microphone, Lapel Microphone, Projector and Drop-down Screens are available for use in the Ballroom. Arrangements and testing of equipment must be done by party sponsor prior to the function


In trying to provide timely service, the CZCC discourages split entrées. However it is the responsibility of the party sponsor to provide a system to distinguish the different meals so that serving will go smoothly. All guests will receive the same starch and vegetable.


All food and beverage must be supplied/purchased through the CZCC to include alcoholic party favors. In accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 215-1 no member, guest, or group will be permitted to bring food or beverage into a MWR FB&E facility for consumption on the premises. The only exception to this is certain specialty items that must be approved by the club manager.


The CZCC can provide most of the catering menu for pick up at the CZCC free of the 15% service charge. 15% service charge will be charged for delivery.


Event payments must be made in FULL at the cashier's window immediately after the event.


A service charge of 15% all food and beverage totals will be added to your bill upon completion of your function and will be billed as part of your overall cost.


The CZCC has had numerous requests for conference spaces and areas that do not require food or beverage services. In order to meet these demands, the CZCC has established a room charge plus a minimum sales requirement for each room. These fees are to cover expenses that are generated by that function such as setup, clean up and linen costs. If the minimum is not attained the difference between actual sales and the minimum requirement will be added to the final bill. The room charge and minimum sales requirements for each room are listed on page 7. Each room carge is based on a four-hour time period and is the minimum charges. If special accommodations are required, additional fees may be charged.


The sponsor must contact the caterer or club manager to cancel their event. Cancellations must be received more than 72 working hours prior to the event to avoid cancellations fees. Cancellations within the 72 working hour's window will be charged accordingly;

  • 72 working hours - will result in a 50% fee of the estimated contract charges
  • 48 working hours - will result in a 75% fee of the estimated contract charges
  • 24 working hours - will result in a 100% fee of estimated contract charges




Private Party Bars

These bars are set up for the exclusive use of your party guests. These bars can be provided on a pay as you go basis where each guest pays for his or her drinks individually or a Host bar where drinks will be provided to your guests at no charge to them and the total bill will be charged to your party.

The minimum intake for either host or no host bars is $75 for the first two hours and $25 for each additional hour the bar is in use. If the minimum is not attained the difference between actual sales and guaranteed minimum will be added to the final bill.

The management reserves the right to curtail the bar operation when sales have tapered off to the point where continuing operations is unfeasible. The party sponsor may request to continue the bar operation beyond this point but will be responsible for the minimum intake guarantee.


Buffets are limited to once through the line and one plate per person

All you can eat is an additional $3 per person

All Buffets include Iced tea and coffee



Room Size Room Fee Min. Food & Beverage Charge
Ballroom 1/3 $75 $300
Ballroom 2/3 $125 $500
Ballroom (whole) $200 $800
Garden Room $75 $300
Firelite Lounge $75 $300
EDA’S  $75 $300



The following equipment can be rented for use at home or office. Host is responsible for pick up and returned equipment to CZCC. If equipment is damaged or not returned, Host is responsible for full replacement value.

Equipment rental will be limited during the holiday season, Club events and any other private function in CZCC.

Glassware $1 each

Flat Ware

$0.5 each

Coffee Cup with Saucer

$1 each

Punch Bowl with Ladle

$15 each

Dinner Plates

$1 each

Chaffing Dish with Fuel

$15 each

Salad Plates

$1 each

Fuel Can

$2.5 each

Small Plates

$1 each

Table Cloth (54x54 or 54x120)

$5 each

Soup Bowl

$1 each

Cloth Napkins

$2 each

Butter Plate with Butter Knife

$1 each

Long Tables (8 places)

$15 each

Flat Ware, per setting (Soup Spoon, Salad Fork, Dinner Fork and Knife, Dessert Fork or Spoon and Tea Spoon)

$3 each Round Tables (6 or 8 places) $15 each




More Conference & Catering



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