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Commercial Solicitation and Home-Based Business


We hope you find this webpage to be resourceful as it contains instructions, forms, regulations, and policies pertaining to Home-Based Businesses (HBB’s) for the Camp Zama and Sagamihara Family Housing Area Community. We want to work with applicants to ensure compliance and that applicants have properly obtained approval to operate a HBB. Our goal is to help promote quality of life and promote HBB’s.



Before you begin, please note...

Not everyone who works from home operates an HBB. Persons who reside in family housing on an Army installation and work remotely from their home (such as a consultant, freelance artist, teleworker), or who operate their own business exclusively through online means (for example, eBay or Etsy) are NOT considered HBBs and do NOT require approval to operate." Other examples of businesses that do not require approval include but are not limited to: bookkeeping, tax preparation, personal training (conducted outside the home), photography, graphic design, tutoring, lawn care, and etc.

HBB owners in on-post housing must obtain approval to operate in writing from the Garrison Commander or Senior Commander.

Only a Home-Based Business Permit allows you to conduct business on Army installations in Japan. Operating without approval may violate regulations and local laws and may pose a health and safety risk to our communities and can get you in trouble.


Here’s the process:

Step 1:  Obtain the Application, Statement of Understanding and Checklist. Download the HBB Application (USAGJ Form 1931), Statement of Understanding, Checklist and any required additional forms and information from the MWR Webpage or contact the MWR HBB Coordinator.

Step 2:  Complete the Application. This includes visiting and obtaining approval from installation agencies like the Housing Division and Department of Public Health (for food and drink businesses). The Statement of Understanding, Checklist and other required documents and approvals should be obtained and completed prior to submitting your packet. Ask your MWR HBB Coordinator if you have questions.

Step 3:  Turn in the Application. Once you have completed your paperwork, send your completed packet to Within 60 days, you should get notification of approval.


Your completed packet should include:

• Application form, USAGJ Form 1931.

• Checklist

• Statement of Understanding.

• Approval from Housing Division.

• A list of products, services, prices, and menu.

• Your business information (flyers, brochures, pamphlet, handouts, pictures, catalogs, etc.)

• A copy of your state Certifications/License/lnsurance (if applicable).

• Insurance License number and/or Business Registration number (if applicable).


For food and drink businesses:

These additional items must be included in your completed packet submission.

• Approval from Department of Public Health.

• Food Facility Risk Assessment Survey (DD Form 2972) from MEDDAC-J Preventive Medicine.

• Food Operation Inspection Report (DD Form 2973) from MEDDAC-J Preventive Medicine.

• E-mail Approval from Department of Public Health for approved food sources.

• A copy of your Food Handlers Permit.


Get approved now!

If you or someone you know operates a HBB on post and have not yet been officially approved, now is the time.

With streamlined processes, you can get approved within 60 days.

Official on-post offerings from AAEFES, the Commissary and MWR no longer consider HBB’s competition, and you do not have to gain their approval.

Army guidance directs installations to “find a way to say yes” to HBB owners.

Don’t delay. Get your Home-Based Business registered by contacting your local MWR HBB Coordinator today!

Artboard 1@2x-80.jpgArtboard 1 copy@2x-80.jpgDownload PDF Flyer

Application for Home-Based Business Permit
Statement of Understanding
DOEHRS-IH EHM Form - Beauty - Barber Shop Sanitation Report
Personal Commercial Solicitation Evaluation, DD Form 2885
Installation Policies & Procedures
Command Policy
Army Regulations
AR 210-7, Personal Commercial Solicitation on Army Installation

USARJ Reg 600-50, Commercial Activities and Private Employment

USFJ Instruction 36-1001

DoDI 1344.07 (Personal Commercial Solicitation on DoD Installations)